Monday, Jul 06, 2020

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Plastic Dangers & Irony

I’ve been staying at a client’s house for almost a week now. Her three dogs are seperated (two in one room, one in the other) during the day. When I arrive at the client’s house, the two Westies seemed to have gone stir crazy! Their water and food bowls have been completely dumped out with pieces of toys tossed across the room.

I’ve noticed each day, on top of dumping them out, that the dogs continuously keep chewing on their plastic food and water bowls. I can’t imagine this feels good on their teeth or gums. So I started questioning whether they purposely dump their food/water just so they can chew on something other than just the toys they play with on a daily basis.

While online, I found that our friends at had wrote an article the previous day on the dangers of plastic bowls. How ironic is it that? Turns out that within the holes that Bert & Ernie had created in the plastic is the exact environment that nasty bacteria can begin to grow. Of course, this in turn can make your dog sick. Even cats can develop feline acne as a result of being allergic to plastic.

In my own home, I use only stainless steel bowls or thick non-skid plastic bowls with a rubber rimmed bottom, making it impossible for them to knock over the bowl. Then again, my dogs have never had an issue with chewing on plastic, either. Sarasota Dog suggested using ceramic bowls. Although they are breakable, they can be easily tossed into the dishwasher. Luckily, I found a stainless steel bowl in my client’s kitchen that is a temporary fix BUT of course, they still knock the bowl over while no one is home. Having to clean up a little water is a small price to pay compared to a sick dog. Especially when it could have all been avoided.

Although I cannot make my client change her ways, it’s always good to offer the information in case they are not aware. Until a couple of days ago, I was unaware myself and I’ve had dogs for most of my life. Personally, I’ve never owned a small dog breed which may be why I’ve never had to address the situation. Thanks to for having relevant content that all dog owners should be aware of. Who knows, maybe these articles might just save a life.

Successful Puppy Mill Protest!

About 25 of us were in front of Puppy Town in Sarasota on Tuesday to show support against puppy mills. It was a hot day out but we received lots of love from many drivers passing by. It was wonderful to meet so many other advocates that speak out against this inhumane practice and we can’t wait for the next protest! To see pictures of this event, please visit and click on “Event Photos” at the top of the page.

Below is the information included in the flyers we were passing out to drivers from the Humane Society of the United States:

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Puppy From a Pet Store:

  • Many pet stores that sell puppies are propping up puppy mills, mass breeding facilities where dogs are crammed into filthy, barren cages with minimal exercise, vet care or human contact.
  • Breeding dogs at puppy mills spend their entire lives in cages without human companionship. When their fertility wanes, they’re destroyed or discarded.
  • Many pet stores mislead customers about the source of their dogs. Pet stores boast that they deal only with USDA licensed breeders. Yet licensing requirements are minimal and many breeders remain licensed despite repeated violations of even these basic standards.
  • Dogs of all shapes and sizes, including purebreds, are available for adoption at shelters and rescue groups.

See video from the HSUS’s pet store and puppy mill investigations and learn more about adopting a dog or finding a responsible breeder at

Petiquette Party!

You’re invited to a party for dogs and their people! Come join us for a coffee and proper biscotti at Sarasota’s most dog friendly restaurant – Panini Press. Meet Jeffery Andrew, Sarasota’s foremost Dog Trainer. Jeffery will give a fun and informal talk about best dog behavior and tips for communicating with your dog.

Saturday, June 19th at 10am - Rain or Shine on their covered patio

Panini Press: 301 South Pineapple Avenue

Reserved Seating: 941-955-9505

Hosted by & Panini Press

Visit Our Friends at

If you’re a dog lover like us, we encourage you to check out a new site called They provide a doggie dining list, Paw Park locations, local adoption shelters and rescue group information and not to mention all the current events going on around town.