Friday, Jun 05, 2020

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Get Some Puppy Love!

We’re preparing for a lovely weekend before Valentine’s Day. Sage & I will be hitting up 17th Street’s Paw Park at 11am on Saturday for SarasotaDog‘s Meet Up Group. This will be the first time our meet up group has gathered at the dog park so it should be an interesting outing!

After I (hopefully) wear Sage out, we’ll be heading to Woof Gang Bakery in Lakewood Ranch. They’re having a special event (flyer below) full of treats for the dogs and mimosas for the owners. I’m excited to see who wins the awesome giveways including a practice agility session (I think Sage would excel at agility), a sitting with a professional photographer and a mini-training session with a professional dog trainer. 10% of all purchases made will go to the Humane Society of Lakewood Ranch. Not to mention, there will be cute adoptable animals ready to go home with a new loving family. They’ll also have an adoption counselor on site to help you find an adoptable pet to fit your lifestyle and needs!

There’s plenty of other adoption events and events to benefit local animal groups. To see a full calendar of events, visit SarasotaDog’s Calendar here. Hope to see you and your pooch paw-ing around SRQ!

Successful Puppy Mill Protest!

About 25 of us were in front of Puppy Town in Sarasota on Tuesday to show support against puppy mills. It was a hot day out but we received lots of love from many drivers passing by. It was wonderful to meet so many other advocates that speak out against this inhumane practice and we can’t wait for the next protest! To see pictures of this event, please visit and click on “Event Photos” at the top of the page.

Below is the information included in the flyers we were passing out to drivers from the Humane Society of the United States:

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Puppy From a Pet Store:

  • Many pet stores that sell puppies are propping up puppy mills, mass breeding facilities where dogs are crammed into filthy, barren cages with minimal exercise, vet care or human contact.
  • Breeding dogs at puppy mills spend their entire lives in cages without human companionship. When their fertility wanes, they’re destroyed or discarded.
  • Many pet stores mislead customers about the source of their dogs. Pet stores boast that they deal only with USDA licensed breeders. Yet licensing requirements are minimal and many breeders remain licensed despite repeated violations of even these basic standards.
  • Dogs of all shapes and sizes, including purebreds, are available for adoption at shelters and rescue groups.

See video from the HSUS’s pet store and puppy mill investigations and learn more about adopting a dog or finding a responsible breeder at