Wednesday, Aug 05, 2020

Furreal’s Volunteer Pledge

For every new client to Furreal’s Pet Sitting Services, Farrel will be volunteering 10-30 minutes at Satchel’s Last Resort (a local last chance rescue shelter)¬†here in Sarasota. Farrel says: “I felt as though this would be a great way to give back to the community, meet new animals and work with these caring people who work day in and day out to give these animals not only a home but maybe even a second chance.”She recently met with Iris at Satchel’s who introduced her to a multitude of dogs waiting their turn for free time consisting of play time with the volunteers or walking the perimeter on the large acreage of land which is Satchel’s. “You could see how happy each animal became when they were finally chosen to exit their kennel. They spend all day and night in there so they definitely take full advantage once they can,” Farrel explains.If you’re interested in volunteer work but can’t commit to a certain day or time then Satchel’s is right up your alley. Please check them out at article can be found on under the “Articles” section.

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