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Visit Our Friends at Furreal’s Volunteer Pledge Welcome to Furreal’s Pet Sitting Services!
Visit Our Friends at If you’re a dog lover like us, we encourage you to check out a new site called They provide a doggie dining list, Paw Park locations, local adoption shelters and rescue group information and not to mention all the current events going on around town.
Furreal’s Volunteer Pledge For every new client to Furreal’s Pet Sitting Services, Farrel will be volunteering 10-30 minutes at Satchel’s Last Resort (a local last chance rescue shelter) here in Sarasota.
Welcome to Furreal’s Pet Sitting Services! We are excited for this new venture to begin! We have some wonderful clients in place, not to mention the many loving pets in our care. Our hope is that you’ll give us a try because no one cares more about your furry family members as we do.

Furreal’s Pet Sitting Services

Your pets are members of your family so naturally you care about their happiness and overall well-being. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to our customers by knowing their animals are safe with a dependable (and affordable!) pet sitter in the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re working late hours, traveling or just out for the night, you want to know your pet will be cared for by an experienced pet sitter. No more awkward conversations with your family or friends about caring for Fido and worry they might forget anyways.

Our professional pet sitting services are personalized and customized to fit you and your pets needs. We give you daily updates when you're traveling (your choice of text message, e-mail or voicemail). We also leave you a written diary of each visit with your pets. You can count on us to pay close attention in monitoring the health of your pets and the security of your home. Upon your arrival, your home is in order and you've come back to a happy pet-- no extra trips to pick them up at your friends house and no newspapers or flyers for you to retrieve at the front door, making it obvious that you were gone. We strive to ensure your pet is comfortable and stress-free in addition to giving you complete peace of mind.

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I’m pleased to announce that as of March 9th, I am completely certified in Pet First Aid & CPR! A big thanks to Ace Pet Resort for hosting the course and allowing me to join their group, as well as Cheryl Brady of Vet Care Express for graciously taking her time to educate and instruct us!

Get Some Puppy Love!

We’re preparing for a lovely weekend before Valentine’s Day. Sage & I will be hitting up 17th Street’s Paw Park at 11am on Saturday for SarasotaDog‘s Meet Up Group. This will be the first time our meet up group has gathered at the dog park so it should be an interesting outing!

After I (hopefully) wear Sage out, we’ll be heading to Woof Gang Bakery in Lakewood Ranch. They’re having a special event (flyer below) full of treats for the dogs and mimosas for the owners. I’m excited to see who wins the awesome giveways including a practice agility session (I think Sage would excel at agility), a sitting with a professional photographer and a mini-training session with a professional dog trainer. 10% of all purchases made will go to the Humane Society of Lakewood Ranch. Not to mention, there will be cute adoptable animals ready to go home with a new loving family. They’ll also have an adoption counselor on site to help you find an adoptable pet to fit your lifestyle and needs!

There’s plenty of other adoption events and events to benefit local animal groups. To see a full calendar of events, visit SarasotaDog’s Calendar here. Hope to see you and your pooch paw-ing around SRQ!

Sarasota’s Halloween Events!

Halloween is a spooktacular time for a day and/or night out with your dog in Sarasota. Check out these ‘paw’esome events and get ready to dress up your pooch for fun and prizes!

Happy Dog Pet Salon is hosting a Pet Halloween Party & Open House on October 27th from 4pm-7pm. Dress up your pup and get a free Halloween photo of your pet and receive a free gift!

Come out for food, fun and MORE! Yes, Furreal’s Pet Sitting will be in attendance (til 6pm). Other vendors include:, Simply Spotted Photography, Animal Chit-Chat, Designing Poet, Sniglet’s Dog Bakery, Ramona Loves Dogs, and many more!

Sarasota County Fairgrounds is sponsoring the 13th Annual Howl-O-Ween Dog Parade on Saturday, October 23rd. To register your dog the day of the event, show up at 9am with your $10 entry fee (per dog). Parade starts at 10am. Goodie bags will be given to the first 100 entrants, “Lucky 13″ prize category & trophy for best dressed pets! All proceeds benefit the Humane Society of Sarasota County.

Looking for something the weekend of Halloween? Come join Fright Night on St. Armand’s circle from 6pm – 9pm. This is a dog-friendly event that will showcase a performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller performed by the Sarasota High School Drama Department. Kids and dogs are welcome to trick-or-treat around the circle.

It’s National Dog Day!

“It is the Human Condition to Love.
It is Love that Changes the Human Condition.
It is the Love of one Human that can Change a Nation.
It is that Love which empowers one Nation, to save man’s best friend.”
~ Colleen Paige – Founder of National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day, celebrated annually on August 26th, this special day serves to help the public to recognize the large number of dogs that need to be rescued each year. It also helps acknowledges family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort. Dogs put their lives on the line every day – for their law enforcement partner, for their blind companion, for a child who is disabled, for our freedom and safety by detecting bombs and drugs and pulling victims of tragedy from wreckage.

Founded in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert and author Colleen Paige, National Dog Day was created to honor dogs more than we currently do, to give them “a day”, to show deep appreciation for our long connection to each other – for their endearing patience, unquestioning loyalty, for their work, their capacity for love and their ability to impact our lives everyday in the most miraculous ways. National Dog Day wishes to encourage dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure – and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live a happy, safe and ”abuse-free life”.

National Dog Day is against any kind of “breed ban”. Dogs should not have to lose their lives because of the atrocities they have been forced to endure at the hands of man. And while we feel that American’s have the constitutional right to purchase a pure breed dog, we strongly discourage buying from pet stores, backyard breeders, the Internet, newspaper ads and puppy mills, and rather encourage those seeking new canine companions, to verify that they are buying from a reputable breeder, educate themselves about their dog’s breed and better yet – visit their local shelter or pure breed rescue group for a new furry family member that will be forever grateful. Millions of dogs are killed each year because they are unwanted. They are wonderful and viable sentient beings that deserve compassion and respect. Please consider adopting on National Day!

National Dog Day will also be many a dog’s birthday and for all of them it will be akin to a “K9-4th of July!” Even citizens who are not dog owners will be encouraged to donate $5 to their local animal shelter on National Dog Day.

The above text has been excerpted from Feel free to visit their site for ideas on how to celebrate this day with your dog. Hope you do something fun and well-deserved for that special canine in your life.

Angel’s Journey to Rainbow Road

This past Saturday, I received one of the saddest phone calls from my mother back home in Nebraska. My Golden Retriever, Angel, had passed away. Apparently, she had a couple tumors on her spleen, one ruptured and she bled out. She was to be 10 years old this coming October.

An overwhelmingly large ocean of emotions hit me and there hasn’t been a day that’s went by that I haven’t cried. She’s the first of my own that I’ve lost. Although I’ve been away from her living elsewhere for 7 years now, it’s like a truck has hit me. She was like my child, my sister, my “Lil Lion”. I’ll never forget the day I got her, right around Christmas time. She was my Christmas Angel. After receiving the devastating news, I broke out my special album just for her that has “Angel” adorned on it with clouds. Looking at pictures of the red bow we put on her head that of course didn’t stay on long, but long enough to snap a couple shots. I remember how she would hide under my mother’s china cabinet for awhile, she was a little timid at first but she was the biggest ball of fur you could ever imagine and the sweetest puppy anyone could ever ask for.

Every year after I moved away, I tried my hardest to go back home each and every year. I’ve been successful but then the funds were not there and I was away from April ’08-May ’10. It was always nice to come back to the home you’ve known for so long and the first thing I looked forward to was seeing my Angel baby when I walked through the door. She would always run right up to me and I’d get on the floor to give her kisses, hugs and scratches. Over time, I saw how extremely close the bond was between Angel and my parents. For example, anytime my mom would bring out the vacuum, Angel would get protective of my mom and try to clamp on to her arm or pant leg and try to drag her away from it. It was honestly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Rightfully so, my parents were devastated of the sudden loss of their baby. My mother used to go home on her lunch hour to check up on Angel, I think it gave her purpose after losing my grandmother this past April. Now that Angel is gone, I feel like an even larger hole has manifested in her heart.

My mother claims she won’t get another dog because there isn’t one that can replace her. And she’s right, no dog will ever replace Angel. Then again, you should never buy another dog to replace one that has passed. I look at this subject in this regard: there are so many homeless dogs and cats out there that are in need of good homes. Why should an animal be euthanized if there are loving people out there willing to open their lives and homes to these special animals? Although she may never share her life with another pet, I understand why she feels this way. Not everyone can cope with the loss of a pet in the same way and not everyone can stand the thought of owning another pet knowing they’ll have the same fate. My heart goes out to you, mom. Angel was one in a million.

So to any and all of you who have lost a pet, I can now say I truly understand. I think one thing we can all agree on is that it’s worth it. Having that companion who loves you through thick and thin, who wags their tail at the glimpse of your smiling face… it just doesn’t get much better than that. All that I can hope is that Angel’s journey to Rainbow Road was quick and painless. I know that you’re up there smiling down on us everyday. There’s no question that you touched so many lives and don’t worry baby, your memory will live on in our hearts forever.

Goodbye, my sweet, sweet Angel baby.

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Mulch bad for dogs?

Barkley is an adorable 3 month old Beagle puppy I just started pet sitting for. I’m sure you’re surprised to read that she LOVES to chew on anything she can get a hold of including shoes, socks and rugs. Along with these items, she also likes to chew on the dark brown mulch in the backyard. Although I try to pry the mulch from her mouth, she instinctively turns around to nab another piece. While her owner voiced her concern for Barkley’s mulch munching, I remembered reading about the dangers of certain kinds of mulch. Once again, I did a little research, only to find once again answered my question.

Turns out, cocoa mulch contains an ingredient called “theobromine.” This ingredient is used to make chocolate, which we all know very well is toxic to dogs. The mulch has a very enticingly sweet smell, making it very appealing to dogs. This particular mulch is popular because it’s organic (not to mention the chocolate smell) and has been widely sold at Home Depot (Vita Soil is a popular brand). Just a few ounces is all it takes for a dog to become ill. It can start from an upset stomach to an increased heart rate to seizures and from there, possibly death. This all depends on the size of the dog and how much has been ingested.

Thankfully, the mulch at my client’s home is NOT cocoa mulch and we can rest at ease about the subject. But please be aware of what you’re using in your garden and if you use a landscaper, mention your concerns to them. For further info, visit ASPCA‘s website.

Thanks again, Sarasota Dog!

Sarasota Dog Meetup

Dog lovers come one, come all! Sarasota Dog has arranged for a meet-up of fellow dog lovers at the Panini Press on Monday, July 26th (my birthday!) at 6pm. Sarasota Dog states: “If there is a question you have about your dog or information the group is seeking to learn more about, we’ll arrange for a guest speaker at our events. Mostly, we want to get to know other dog lovers in Sarasota and just have fun.” If you’d like to RSVP to this event click here or go to and search for dog events in Sarasota. Panini Press is located at 301 South Pineapple Avenue in downtown Sarasota (34236). So come enjoy a drink and join in for some friendly chit chat with canine lovers just like you!

And don’t forget to go check out other “dog friendly” events at!

Plastic Dangers & Irony

I’ve been staying at a client’s house for almost a week now. Her three dogs are seperated (two in one room, one in the other) during the day. When I arrive at the client’s house, the two Westies seemed to have gone stir crazy! Their water and food bowls have been completely dumped out with pieces of toys tossed across the room.

I’ve noticed each day, on top of dumping them out, that the dogs continuously keep chewing on their plastic food and water bowls. I can’t imagine this feels good on their teeth or gums. So I started questioning whether they purposely dump their food/water just so they can chew on something other than just the toys they play with on a daily basis.

While online, I found that our friends at had wrote an article the previous day on the dangers of plastic bowls. How ironic is it that? Turns out that within the holes that Bert & Ernie had created in the plastic is the exact environment that nasty bacteria can begin to grow. Of course, this in turn can make your dog sick. Even cats can develop feline acne as a result of being allergic to plastic.

In my own home, I use only stainless steel bowls or thick non-skid plastic bowls with a rubber rimmed bottom, making it impossible for them to knock over the bowl. Then again, my dogs have never had an issue with chewing on plastic, either. Sarasota Dog suggested using ceramic bowls. Although they are breakable, they can be easily tossed into the dishwasher. Luckily, I found a stainless steel bowl in my client’s kitchen that is a temporary fix BUT of course, they still knock the bowl over while no one is home. Having to clean up a little water is a small price to pay compared to a sick dog. Especially when it could have all been avoided.

Although I cannot make my client change her ways, it’s always good to offer the information in case they are not aware. Until a couple of days ago, I was unaware myself and I’ve had dogs for most of my life. Personally, I’ve never owned a small dog breed which may be why I’ve never had to address the situation. Thanks to for having relevant content that all dog owners should be aware of. Who knows, maybe these articles might just save a life.


We received another letter from one of our clients on the website today! Check it out:

“I called Furreal’s Pet Sitting at the last minute…for an emergency. I was heading out of town and my plans for “doggie care” fell through. I was nervous when I left town but was so relieved to get the text messages and pictures of the “babies” and then to return home and see how happy and well cared for they were. They are puppies and did a few naughty things but I didn’t come home to a mess… I was very please with your services and the love that Hope, Bert and Ernie received.” –S.Z.

We are so happy to have you as a customer and thank you so much for the feedback! Nothing brings a smile to my face more than a satisfied client! :)


I received this cute e-mail the other day and wanted to share. Hope you get either a smile on your face or a good chuckle! :)

No, I have not seen your lipstick. Why would you even ask me that?

I’m insulted! Every time something goes missing around here, everybody looks at me!

For your information, I don’t even wear that shade.

It doesn’t flatter my complexion and it tastes terrible. OOPS!

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